Saturday, July 19, 2014

Join Payza to Day. Send and Receive Funds.

Refer a Friend to Payza.
When you make Payza your friend's way to pay to online, we'll pay you $5.00. But it gets even better, when you refer more then 10 friends to Payza we'll begin to pay you $10 for each referral after your 10th!. (more details below).

Refer your friends, family, clients and contacts to Payza and qualify for cash rewards. It’s simple: refer someone to use Payza, and if they meet the conditions (below) then you’ll get paid! All you have to do is copy and paste your personalized link or banner code into an email or your website to get started!

                            Terms and Conditions

 Referrals must open a Personal or Business account and send/spend/receive at least $250. Earn $5 for each of your first ten referrals and $10 each for every one after. Self-referrals or referrals from the same IP address or device will not be rewarded. You will only be rewarded for qualifying referrals who signed up through your link. Sign up and start earning!